Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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MS Excel is Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet application that is used extensively to enter, save and manipulate data in tables, rows and columns. Excel allows you to perform calculations, statistical analysis etc. However, at this time, certain error messages are encountered by users while they try opening an Excel file. This error message occurs after the Excel file corrupts. This result in XLS files inaccessibility which might further compel you into a severe data loss situation. However, you can still recover your data by using a healthy data backup file. In case a correct backup copy is not available or the backup has gone corrupt, you can use excel recovery solutions to repair your corrupt Excel files.
Consider a real time situation, where you try opening an Excel file and you come across the following error message:
"File error: data may have been lost"
The occurrence of this error message marks the possibility of data loss. Here are the possible reasons behind the occurrence of this error message:
  • This error message might haunt you if this file is created using the previous version of MS Excel and you are accessing the same file with the latest version
  • Error might have occurred due to corruption or damage in Excel file
In order to resolve this issue, you must try opening the excel file in the same version in which you created the file. But, if the file does not open, then it might be corrupt. You can perform the following workaround to resolve the issue by following any of the measures given below:
  • Try repairing and opening the Excel file using Open and Repair feature
  • Save the file in XML or HTML format and then convert it back to normal file format
  • If the file is using a chart that is linked to affected file, then you must use a macro to extract the data.
However, if the issue still persists, then you can use powerful data recovery software like Kernel for Excel to repair the affected Excel file. These excel repair software repairs the Excel file thoroughly by employing sophisticated scanning algorithms. Owing to the interactive GUI, Excel repair software can be used even by users having low technical knowledge. For more details about this software visit : http://www.kerneldatarecovery.com/excel-recovery.html


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  4. does this work with files with lots of conditional formatting and pivot tables... which may be causing my problem in the first place?