Tuesday, 15 April 2014

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Marketing or Accountancy, Excel worksheets are widely used for calculation purposes in small, medium, and large organizations. Many organizations use Excel worksheets to record financial data such as sales figures and scientific data like medical charts or experimental observations.
Like any other data file, an Excel file is also hit by damage, error, and corruption. A number of reasons are responsible for corruption in Excel files. Some of them are as follows:
  • Unexpected shutdown
  • Virus attack
  • Application faults
  • Network errors
When the Excel file becomes damaged or corrupt, the data stored in it becomes inaccessible. In order to avoid such data loss issues, we advise you to take regular, timely backup of your Excel files.
Corruption in Excel files can lead to numerous cumbersome situations. One of such situations is when you are unable to make changes in the Excel file data or it becomes completely orphaned.
In order to resolve the issue, you can restore your Excel file from the last, valid, updated, and clean backup. However, if a proper and updated back is not available then you can make use of the automatic recovery option which can repair the damaged Excel file and also reopen it.
In order to make use of the automatic method, perform the following steps:
  1. Click File -> Open.
The Open dialog box appears.
  1. In the Open dialog box, click the file to be opened, and then click the arrow on the Open button.
A drop down list appears.
  1. Select “Open and Repair” and then select “Repair” or “Extract Data”, whichever is applicable.
The above-mentioned method is able to resolve Excel corruption in many but not all the cases. Sometimes disk or network errors restrict the user to open the file. To handle this, the file should be removed to a different hard disk drive before the recovery method is initiated.
However, in case the Excel file is highly damaged or severely corrupt then we suggest you to make use of a professional and efficient third party Excel repair tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Excel file.
The market is flooded with a number of third party Excel repair tools. You must carefully select the one that suits your requirements.
Kernel for Excel is one such eminent, powerful, and result-oriented third party Excel repair tool that easily, accurately, and flawlessly repairs the damaged and corrupt Excel files. Download at here http://www.excelfilerepair.org/download-excel-repair.html

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