Excel files are used for creating worksheets by feeding data in the spreadsheets so as to maintain all information in an organized manner. Excel spreadsheets are widely used for storing data in the cells and columns and also to create tables, graphs, charts, calculations and mathematical deductions. Spreadsheets help professionals to keep a track of their work and assess in an easy to understand format, financial reports, inventory records, tax accounts, receipts and many such documents are created using MS Excel. Therefore, Excel worksheets are important for organized workflow and damage to these worksheets may result in a blunder.

It is not uncommon however to witness corrupt or partially damaged Excel sheets. Common error messages that are displayed when Excel files face corruption issues are:
“Access denied”, “???.xls file format is invalid”, “Cannot access read only documents ???.xls”, etc. 
Users are left with the only option to repair Excel files when spreadsheets become corrupt. It is important to repair Excel files depending on the cause of Excel corruption, such as header corruption errors, force quitting of Ms Excel, media corruption, problem in storage media, power surges or virus attacks. However, if the exact cause of the error is not known, then it is bet to use some Excel recovery tool.
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Kernel for Excel Repair is an impeccable software that is apt for resolving the corruption cases in Excel spreadsheets. With the help of this tool, users can repair Excel files of format .xls and .xlsx. With all the advanced features, this third party utility is ideal for repairing damaged Excel files and restoring data in the cells and columns of the recovered file. There are two data recovery modes embedded in this software, namely, the Single File Mode and the Multi File Mode. Using these two modes, Excel file repair and recovery becomes fast, simple and flawless. 
Users can repair Excel file one at a time or speed up the process by repairing ‘n’ number of files in a single cycle based on the recovery mode selected. Excel file repair using Kernel for Excel Repair ensures that the data restored after repairing the corrupt files are consistent with their integrity preserved. A new .xls file is being created and the recovered data is being saved in the new file, while no changes are made in the original corrupt spreadsheet. Once repaired, Excel files can be easily previewed before saving them in some location of the system’s hard disk. To know more about this software, please visit : http://www.excelfilerepair.org/


  1. please help !!!
    my excel files gets corrupt..
    all fikes have a format like file.xls.jaedplh..
    all data is important..
    plz help..

  2. Hello shridhar,

    Sorry for delay in reply.

    Please let me know the error message you are facing while accessing the corrupt .xls file. As, the point you have highlighted is not very clear.

    Thanks for contacting us, feel free for any query related to Excel File Recovery.

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