Friday, 4 April 2014

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Those who use MS PowerPoint to create presentations can only understand the importance of PPT repair. PPT is a presentation file, which is created using MS PowerPoint. When this file gets corrupt, user’s hard work and the valuable time spent in creating PPT gets wasted. Just think once how annoying it will be to see the following error message when you open a presentation file that has been completed almost 95%:

"There was an error accessing file e:/xxxx"

Cause for the aforementioned error

MS PowerPoint displays the file accessing error in one of the following cases:

  • You are trying to open .ppt file through Recent Documents section but the file has been relocated. For example, first the file was located in E drive but then you relocated it to D drive due to which the software is not able to locate the file.
  • Someone has modified the file’s extension.
  • The .ppt file that you are trying to open has been damaged due to reasons like virus attack, abrupt system shut down, software crash, file’s header corruption, errors in the storage media, etc.
You can execute one of the following procedures to get rid of the specified error message:
  • If you have relocated the file then use File > Open option to access the file from new location.
  • Check the file’s extension, if it has been modified then change it to .ppt and then try to open the file. May be your problem gets resolved.
Consider the above-specified solutions in a sequence and after trying a method, open the file with PowerPoint. If the file gets opened, verify it for accuracy. If everything is fine then your problem has been resolved. However, in case, your problem does not get resolved, you have to repair PPT file to recover the lost data. 

PPT can be repaired using Kernel for PowerPoint- PowerPoint repair tool,, which recursively scans the PowerPoint presentation to fetch the data stored in it. After fetching the data, the software displays its preview so that you can verify the quality of the data recovered. Once you have previewed the recovered data, the PPT repair software allows you to save the repaired PPT at a desired location keeping all data inside it. The repaired PowerPoint presentation can be opened with any version of MS PowerPoint. To learn more about PowerPoint recovery, visit here:


  1. MS PowerPoint is very important tool to create presentation in every walk of life. When you create a presentation file and save it to your computer, you are not assure of keeping it safe because it can be corrupt anytime for various reason. So therefore, we need a ppt repair software and the software which you have described is really useful..

  2. If getting error while opening MS PowerPoint Document then first make sure that File is corrupted or not. Other than this readers may visit: MS PowerPoint Recovery Tutorial to check manual methods which are used to repair corrupt PowerPoint files. MS PowerPoint Recovery