Sunday, 6 April 2014

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Microsoft PowerPoint is a commendable tool for representing information in form of presentations. When information is delivered in form of slides, it becomes very easy for the user to grab that information. Thus, Microsoft Power Point makes it easy to deliver information in form of PPT files i.e. in form of presentations. Sometimes, the PPT file created using MS PowerPoint gets corrupt leading in loss of the information contained within it. 

Let us consider a situation to understand that when and why you need to repair PPT. You have been working on a presentation for last 15 days to represent it in a seminar. Just a day before the seminar, you have made some important changes in slides to make the presentation more appealing and attractive. After making the changes when you are trying to save the changes, following error message appears on computer screen instead of making the changes permanent:

"PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

This error occurs with the following signature:  

AppName: powerpnt.exe App ver 11.0.8227.0AppStamp: 486d6096
ModName: ixodma32.dllModVer: 5.1.2003.628 ModStamp: 3efe39e4fDebug:0 Offset: 0015473

To resolve the aforementioned error message, you just closed the dialog box displaying the message and restarted the file. Unfortunately, the changes you have made in the file are not reflected in presentation. Moreover, you see many junk characters throughout the slides making it useless and not represent-able. What will you do at this moment? What is the exact cause behind this problem? How this problem can be resolved? 

Aforementioned are some questions that start crawling in your mind. However, before you start thinking on how this problem can be resolved when you do not have much time to recreate the file, let us see the reasons behind this problem:
  • PowerPoint presentation has been damaged leading you to perform PowerPoint recovery.
  • You may have installed an add-in, which is causing this problem
  • PowerPoint application has been damaged.
Mentioned above are the causes behind the specified problem. Therefore, to resolve the error message specified above, you have to execute the following steps:
  • Try to open the file on any other computer having MS Power Point installed. If file gets opened flawlessly and you do not see any junk character then it means the Power Point application is corrupt. If this is the case, reinstall MS Power Point to resolve the error.
  • If you have recently installed any add-in then either disable it or remove it and then open the file.
  • In case, you do not have installed any add-in and changing the system does not help then the final cause can be PPT corruption.

If you are getting the error message due to PPT corruption then you have to repair PPT for getting the lost information back. Information like text, graphs, hyperlink, drawing objects, etc. can be a part of PowerPoint presentation, which needs a lot of time to recreate. Therefore, when you do not have time to recreate or recollect the information, use Kernel for PowerPoint Recovery tool to repair PPT and recover lost information. 

Kernel for PowerPoint recovery tool quickly scans the corrupt PPT file without taking its size into consideration i.e. the software can easily repair large PPT files. After completing the scanning process, the software displays recovered data and then prompts you to save repaired PPT at destined location. This is how you can repair PPT without getting tensed about recovering lost data. For more information, please visit here :


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