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When using MS Word for document creation, you need to either use the default template or import the customized template. You need to import the customized Word template to apply your own styles to the Word document. In general, default template is used in MS Word. is the default template file, which gets loaded when you start MS Word.

Even if you want to use the customized template, the file will load because along with enabling you to use customized styles, MS Word by default provides global styles. If the file is damaged, you need to perform Word file repair because until the file is not repaired, Microsoft Word will not start. Listed below are some of the error messages that will help identifying corruption in the file:
  • HRESULT: 0x8001010A VB Error: -2147417846 "The message filter indicated that the application is busy"
  • HRESULT: 0x800A175D VB Error: 5981 "Cannot open macro storage"
  • HRESULT: 0x800A142D VB Error: 5165 "Word cannot open the existing [square]" 
You must need to resolve the above listed error messages to use MS Word in a flawless manner. 
Though, the best solution to resolve the aforementioned issues it Word file repair, here, we first tell you the hit and trial method. Executing the below given steps will help resolving the issue mentioned above:
  1. Explore the C drive. Here, we are assuming that C drive is your default drive.
  2. Open the Documents and Settings folder.
  3. Open the folder having user name. User name is the name that you specify at the time of installing Windows operating system.
  4. Open the Application Data folder.
  5. Open the Microsoft folder.
  6. Open the Templates folder.

  7. Right-click the file and select the Rename option.
  8. Rename the file.
  9. Open the file with MS Word and see if it is opened.
If the file is opened then it means your problem is resolved, however, in case, the file is not opened, you need to perform Word file repair. Performing Word file repair means to repair the corrupt file. You can do this with the help of Kernel for Word software, which supports repairing files having .dot, .dotm, .doc, .docx, and other formats. 
Once you have selected the file to repair with the Kernel for Word software, the software prompts you to click the Repair button. On clicking the Repair button, the software starts repairing the selected file. Within few moments, the file will be repaired, which can be accessed with any version of MS Word. Download at here:


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