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A corrupt MS Word document shows abnormal behaviors after you open it. In many cases such a Word document does not open at all. In both the situations, the user will not be able to access and use the document as per his requirements. Microsoft recommends some methods for repairing the corrupt Word documents, depending on whether you can open it or not. Also, you can use some professional-third party tools for repairing them.
Some Microsoft recommended methods for repairing MS Word 2007/2010 documents are listed below.

How to repair a Word document if you can open it?

  • Change the template used by the Word document
  • Start Word using its default settings
  • Change Printer drivers
  • Use safe mode of Windows OS
  • Repair Word document using Open and Repair command
  • Change the format of the document, and then change it back to Word format
  • Copy the entire Word document contents to a new document
  • Copy the undamaged parts of the affected document to a new document
  • Change the document view and remove the damaged content

How to repair a Word document if you cannot open it?

  • Open the damaged Word document in draft mode without updating its links
  • Insert the damaged Word document into a new one
  • Create a link to the damaged Word document
  • Use the ‘Recover Text from Any File’ converter

Repair the Word Document by Changing its Template

Here we will show you to repair the Word document by changing its template. It involves three steps:
  • Find the template used by the Word document.
  • Rename the template if it is the global template; if it is not, change it to the global template.
  • Finally, check if the issue has been fixed.
But if you fail to repair the document using this method, you need to proceed to the remaining methods mentioned above.
Note: The screenshots shown here are for MS Word 2010 in Windows XP.

Find the template used by the Word document

  1. Open the damaged document, click File>Options on the Ribbon.
  2. Click Add-Ins, select Templates in the Manage box, and click Go.
  3. The Document template box of the dialogue box displays the template that is used by the document.

Rename the template if it is the global template; if it is not, change it to the global template

The Document template box of the dialogue box displays the template used by the Word document.

If the template is Normal -

  1. Exit MS Word.
  2. Click Start > Run; type %userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates in the Open box. Press ENTER.

  3. Note: If you are using Windows 7/Vista, click Start , type %userprofile%\appdata\roaming\microsoft\templates in the Start Search box and press ENTER.
  4. Right-click on Normal.dotm; click Rename.
  5. Type Oldword.old, and press ENTER.
  6. Finally, close the Windows Explorer.

If the template is not Normal -

  1. Open the damaged document using MS Word.
  2. In MS Word 2010, click File>Options on the Ribbon (In MS Word 2007, click the Microsoft Office button> Word Options).
  3. Click Add-Ins, select Templates in the Manage box, and click Go (refer to the diagram in the beginning).
  4. Click Attach.
  5. Select Normal.dotm, from the Templates folder; click Open.
  6. Click OK (to close the dialog box).
  7. Finally, exit MS Word.

Check if the issue has been fixed by the change of the template

Now open the damaged document using MS Word to check if the damage has been rectified. If not, you need to proceed to the remaining methods. Also, you can depend on professional-third party tools to repair the Word documents quickly, visit here :

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When we create sub documents in MS Word it's known as Word Master Document.
Therefore, a word master document file is very important file utility and several sub documents can be created with the help of this utility.

What is the exact meaning of Word Master Document?

Master documents file is the series of links to sub documents and we can manage and organize other documents in a single documents.Like other Word documents (.doc), these Master Documents also has the issues of corruption. When the pointer or the entry in the table that points to master document is corrupt then corruption will be occur in the Master Document. Because of this you cannot access the doc file
You can easily recover your corrupt word file, if you have the latest backup. Think what will happen if backup is not available? Now, for accessing your Word document file you will need word recovery software by which you can accurately and securely recover your word document file.
When corruption is occurred to the file, we encounter following error message:
This document may be corrupt. To preserve the contents:
- Choose Select All from the Edit menu, then choose Copy from the Edit menu.
- Create a new document, then choose Paste from the Edit menu.”
Normally, people lose self-control on occurrence of this error message because indicates danger for word document file. However, you should not worry after seeing this error message and try to find out the main cause and resolution for the corruption taking help of Word document recovery tools.


When above mentioned error message is seen it means that the document has got corrupt. Generally corruption occurs, when the pointer or the entry in the table gets corrupt. Another reason for this corruption is that when a Word file is not able to keep a track of the information of expanded sub documents in the master document.


There are various doc recovery tools available in the market so you should not worry about the corruption of your Word file data. They can easily recover all the lost or deleted word document data. As the master document may contain crucial business data, using Word file recovery tool is a prudent.

Kernel for Word document recovery is one of the most popular Word file recovery tool and with the help of this tool you can get access to your lost .doc file data. Don't Worry, after recovery of data, this tool will maintain data integrity.
This software recovers each and every Word file components including tables, billeted lists, embedded images, chart and drawing without any difficulty. Visit our help center :
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When using MS Word for document creation, you need to either use the default template or import the customized template. You need to import the customized Word template to apply your own styles to the Word document. In general, default template is used in MS Word. is the default template file, which gets loaded when you start MS Word.

Even if you want to use the customized template, the file will load because along with enabling you to use customized styles, MS Word by default provides global styles. If the file is damaged, you need to perform Word file repair because until the file is not repaired, Microsoft Word will not start. Listed below are some of the error messages that will help identifying corruption in the file:
  • HRESULT: 0x8001010A VB Error: -2147417846 "The message filter indicated that the application is busy"
  • HRESULT: 0x800A175D VB Error: 5981 "Cannot open macro storage"
  • HRESULT: 0x800A142D VB Error: 5165 "Word cannot open the existing [square]" 
You must need to resolve the above listed error messages to use MS Word in a flawless manner. 
Though, the best solution to resolve the aforementioned issues it Word file repair, here, we first tell you the hit and trial method. Executing the below given steps will help resolving the issue mentioned above:
  1. Explore the C drive. Here, we are assuming that C drive is your default drive.
  2. Open the Documents and Settings folder.
  3. Open the folder having user name. User name is the name that you specify at the time of installing Windows operating system.
  4. Open the Application Data folder.
  5. Open the Microsoft folder.
  6. Open the Templates folder.

  7. Right-click the file and select the Rename option.
  8. Rename the file.
  9. Open the file with MS Word and see if it is opened.
If the file is opened then it means your problem is resolved, however, in case, the file is not opened, you need to perform Word file repair. Performing Word file repair means to repair the corrupt file. You can do this with the help of Kernel for Word software, which supports repairing files having .dot, .dotm, .doc, .docx, and other formats. 
Once you have selected the file to repair with the Kernel for Word software, the software prompts you to click the Repair button. On clicking the Repair button, the software starts repairing the selected file. Within few moments, the file will be repaired, which can be accessed with any version of MS Word. Download at here:

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Marketing or Accountancy, Excel worksheets are widely used for calculation purposes in small, medium, and large organizations. Many organizations use Excel worksheets to record financial data such as sales figures and scientific data like medical charts or experimental observations.
Like any other data file, an Excel file is also hit by damage, error, and corruption. A number of reasons are responsible for corruption in Excel files. Some of them are as follows:
  • Unexpected shutdown
  • Virus attack
  • Application faults
  • Network errors
When the Excel file becomes damaged or corrupt, the data stored in it becomes inaccessible. In order to avoid such data loss issues, we advise you to take regular, timely backup of your Excel files.
Corruption in Excel files can lead to numerous cumbersome situations. One of such situations is when you are unable to make changes in the Excel file data or it becomes completely orphaned.
In order to resolve the issue, you can restore your Excel file from the last, valid, updated, and clean backup. However, if a proper and updated back is not available then you can make use of the automatic recovery option which can repair the damaged Excel file and also reopen it.
In order to make use of the automatic method, perform the following steps:
  1. Click File -> Open.
The Open dialog box appears.
  1. In the Open dialog box, click the file to be opened, and then click the arrow on the Open button.
A drop down list appears.
  1. Select “Open and Repair” and then select “Repair” or “Extract Data”, whichever is applicable.
The above-mentioned method is able to resolve Excel corruption in many but not all the cases. Sometimes disk or network errors restrict the user to open the file. To handle this, the file should be removed to a different hard disk drive before the recovery method is initiated.
However, in case the Excel file is highly damaged or severely corrupt then we suggest you to make use of a professional and efficient third party Excel repair tool to repair the damaged and corrupt Excel file.
The market is flooded with a number of third party Excel repair tools. You must carefully select the one that suits your requirements.
Kernel for Excel is one such eminent, powerful, and result-oriented third party Excel repair tool that easily, accurately, and flawlessly repairs the damaged and corrupt Excel files. Download at here
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MS Excel is Microsoft’s popular spreadsheet application that is used extensively to enter, save and manipulate data in tables, rows and columns. Excel allows you to perform calculations, statistical analysis etc. However, at this time, certain error messages are encountered by users while they try opening an Excel file. This error message occurs after the Excel file corrupts. This result in XLS files inaccessibility which might further compel you into a severe data loss situation. However, you can still recover your data by using a healthy data backup file. In case a correct backup copy is not available or the backup has gone corrupt, you can use excel recovery solutions to repair your corrupt Excel files.
Consider a real time situation, where you try opening an Excel file and you come across the following error message:
"File error: data may have been lost"
The occurrence of this error message marks the possibility of data loss. Here are the possible reasons behind the occurrence of this error message:
  • This error message might haunt you if this file is created using the previous version of MS Excel and you are accessing the same file with the latest version
  • Error might have occurred due to corruption or damage in Excel file
In order to resolve this issue, you must try opening the excel file in the same version in which you created the file. But, if the file does not open, then it might be corrupt. You can perform the following workaround to resolve the issue by following any of the measures given below:
  • Try repairing and opening the Excel file using Open and Repair feature
  • Save the file in XML or HTML format and then convert it back to normal file format
  • If the file is using a chart that is linked to affected file, then you must use a macro to extract the data.
However, if the issue still persists, then you can use powerful data recovery software like Kernel for Excel to repair the affected Excel file. These excel repair software repairs the Excel file thoroughly by employing sophisticated scanning algorithms. Owing to the interactive GUI, Excel repair software can be used even by users having low technical knowledge. For more details about this software visit :
Excel spreadsheets too are prone to corruption, just like any other MS Office file. Corruption might hit an Excel file due to number of reasons such as application errors, failed network connections, sudden system shutdown, malicious virus etc. To combat this corruption issue, users strongly believe in maintaining backups of their valuable data. However, if you wish to rely on backups then we suggest you need to keep updating these backups with the latest data. 
However, constantly updating your backup is neither possible nor manageable. You never know when your computer fails. In order to avoid such nagging issues, it is important for you to consider repairing Excel. Here are some of the tips that will help you to repair Excel file on your own:
  1. Close MS Excel, re-open it and try opening the affected file
  2. If this doesn’t help, restart your computer and open MS Excel and try opening the file again
  3. If this doesn’t help, delete the contents of your C:\windows\temp directory then reboot. Try again
  4. If this time you fail again, then restart the computer, open Excel and try opening the file again
    • This time, click on Start > Run and type- "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\excel.exe" /s ("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10\excel.exe" /s (for Excel 2002, Office XP, click cancel if the MS Office Installer starts, Excel in safe mode will still start)
    • Now try opening the file again
  5. Failed again? Make sure you scan the file for possible virus infection. Ensure your macro heuristics scanning option is turned on.
  6. If there are no viruses present, find this file in Explorer, right-click on it and rename it, replace the .xls extension with .doc extension. Try opening the file with Word
  7. If this doesn’t work again, try determining if the file is unrecoverable on the disk. Open the affected file in Explorer and try copying it to another location
    • If you can copy the file to another location, if not, then the actual sectors on the disk may be corrupted
    • If the data is quite important, look out for professional service
  8. Try opening damaged disk recovered file immediately
  9. If the recovered file doesn’t open or you could copy the file to another location, then try opening the file in a more recent version of MS Excel. As the version numbers increase, the ability to retrieve corrupt files increases.
  10. If all the above-mentioned methods fail to help you in repairing corrupt Excel spreadsheets then you can surely switch to superlative and advanced Kernel for Excel repair software. The Kernel for Excel repair tools are devised to help you recover Excel files without any qualms.You can also download this

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Just like any other data file, MS Access database files are also not able to safeguard themselves from damage, error, and corruption. No matter how much we try, corruption hits the MS Access database files i.e. MDB files as well.

A number of reasons are responsible for corruption in MS Access database files. Some of the reasons responsible for corruption in the MDB files are as follows:
  • Interrupted (broken) write operation
  • Faulty hardware parts
  • Trying to access or save MDB file in another format
  • Abrupt application failure or shutdown
Microsoft offers its users a free utility to repair the damaged and corrupt MDB files and restore them back to healthy state. This utility is known as the Compact and Repair utility. The Compact and Repair utility is available as a freeware on the internet and is used to repair the MS Access database files i.e. MDB files. 

The Compact and Repair utility is specifically devised to compact the unused space in the MDB database. This unused space is created as a result of deletion of objects or records in the MDB database. This utility creates a new database at a different location on your hard disk. Apart from this, it copies all the objects from the old database to the new compact MDB database. The Compact and Repair utility can repair only the tables, queries and indexes in the MDB database and therefore is not able to repair damaged forms, reports, macros or modules. 
Before using the Compact and Repair utility to repair the damaged and corrupt MS Access database files or the MDB files and perform Access repair, there are certain points that you should remember. These points to remember are as follows:
  • Your computer system must have free space of at least twice the size of your MDB database. In other words, there must be enough space so that you can save the original as well as the compacted MDB database files.
  • Prior to using Compact and Repair utility, ensure that you have Open/Run and Open Exclusive permission for the MDB database files.
  • While you are using the Compact and Repair utility, make sure that no other user opens the MDB database file
  • Ensure that your Access database is not save or shared on the network drive 
  • Make sure that the MDB database file is not attributed to be Read-only
Although the Compact and Repair utility is available as a freeware, it is not capable enough to perform Access repair up to the mark. 
Rely on a professional and efficient third party Access repair tool to accurately and flawlessly repair the damaged and corrupt MDB files. These third party Access repair tools are capable enough to efficiently restore key data structures such as autonumber, primary key, field size etc and recover table structure, memo data, OLE data and original date format and table relationships.
Kernel for Access is one such eminent and powerful third party Access repair tool.You visit here first :
MS Access creates its database in MDB file format to save its valuable data, tables, indexes etc in an Access file. The MDB file can get prone to corruption due to varied reasons such as power outage, abrupt closing of MS Access, malicious virus etc. There might be varied reasons behind the file damage; you need to face errors generated by corruption in MS Access. 
One of these MS Access errors has error number 3049. At times these error numbers predict the actual problem, find below the error description:  
Can't open database <name>. It may not be a database that the application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt.”
This error occurs when the database file user is trying to access MDF file but system is indicating the file name invalid or it might have been damaged.

To resolve the following issue user have to make sure that appropriate MS Access database file is selected. If the file has been wrongly chosen first select correct file to resolve the error. However, if the correct file is chosen and error condition still persists, it’s time to repair database file.

The most viable solution to conduct the recovery process is advanced Access database Recovery tool. Kernel for Access Database Repair is an eminent utility which lets the user to repair their entire.mdb file data; it makes recovery for table structure and data as well. The tool is devised to perform meticulous scanning of damaged .mdb file and make a successful recovery. As the software embeds user-friendly interface user will not find any kind of hassle in its operation, owing to the importance of user data tool keeps the original content intact. 
Hence, with Kernel for Access Database Repair user can have a trusted and accurate solution for to perform Access database recovery. Software is compatible with all the versions of MS Access including Access 2003, Access 2000, Access 97, Access 95 databases.Visit here:

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Users face doc file corruption issues which occur due to power failure, abrupt system shutdown, virus attacks, corrupt storage media, corrupted Windows OS, corrupted Windows Registry, and so on. While opening such files, they shows an unusual behavior such as displaying an incorrect layout, formatting, repeated line-breaks, gibberish characters, and error messages. To minimize data disaster, you can try possible ways that can be very helpful for you.
These are numerous methods to recover a corrupted word document. You should create a backup of your important doc file to get rid of any possible issue.
Save Document to another File Format:
  • Open the corrupted doc file with Microsoft Word
  • Save the file to another file format such as Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Close the document and reopen the file in Microsoft Word
  • Save it as a new Word document (.doc)
Use a shadow copy of the document:
Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 have the capability to create shadow copies of some documents. You should make sure whether a shadow copy of your Word document exists or not, you can check it by right-clicking it and selecting Properties from the popup menu. In the Properties dialog, select the Previous Versions tab and select one of the available versions as below:
  • The Previous Versions tab appears only when your hard drive is formatted with NTFS.
  • Before using the shadow copy feature, you must first configure it.
  • You must be careful that a shadow copy will not be as complete as a created backup.
Open the File in WordPad and create new doc file:
  • Click Start, point to Programs, point to Accessories, select WordPad
  • From the File menu, click Open and select the damaged document
  • The word document may have some random binary strings. Delete all characters that do not belong to the document
  • On the File menu, click Save As
  • In the File Name box, type a new filename and save it as a (.doc) format
  • Restart Word
  • Open the newly saved file and re-save it as a word document
Copy all except the last paragraph mark to a new document:
  • Open the corrupted doc file with Microsoft Word
  • Press CTRL+END, and then press CTRL+SHIFT+HOME
  • If your document contains section breaks, copy only the text between the sections breaks.
  • Click Normal on the View menu.
  • Copy and paste the content into a new document
Configure auto recovery option (MS Office 2007):
  • Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options.
  • In the Navigation Pane, click Save.
  • In the AutoRecover file location box, note the path, and then click Cancel.
  • Close Word.
  • Look for files whose names end in .asd (AutoRecover files).
  • If you find the Word document that you are looking for, double-click it to open it.
  • Save it immediately.
Warning: The AutoRecover feature of MS Word performs as an emergency backup when an error occurs. Some errors can interfere with creating an AutoRecover file and AutoRecover feature is not a substitute for saving the document.
These above given methods may be helpful for you. But, if doc file is severely corrupted then you may not get desired result with these methods. So, you should look for a third party Word file recovery tool. Kernel for Word repair tool is a professional word file recovery tool which performs in a proficient way and recovers every bit of Word file data accurately. Read more

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MS Excel spreadsheet is quite popular application due to its ability of storing and maintaining massive data. Also, it facilitates the users to perform different operations on that stored data. Such a crucial file containing long list of facts and figures if somehow undergoes corruption then it could be a brutal blow for its users. But there are some manual ways using which the accidentally deleted or unsaved excel files can be recovered. Now, first let us go through the reasons that are behind such mishaps and the manual as well as technical ways to deal with this problem. 

Reasons that could lead to loss of MS Excel Worksheet:
Sometime or the other, many of you must have encountered the situation of accidental deletion of your excel files or closing of the file without saving the data due to sudden unfavorable circumstances. Common reasons for occurrence of such situations remain the unexpected power failure, crashing of hard disk, turning off storage media while the writing process is going on, etc. But every problem has a solution. Here are some ways how you can get rid of this mishap.

Manual ways to recover the accidentally Unsaved/Deleted Excel sheet:
If somehow you have closed your MS Excel spreadsheet without saving it or have by mistake deleted your crucial excel file then here are some ways how you can get hold of them yet again:
Method 1: 
Step 1: Launch the Office 2010 application
Step 2: Now open an already existing MS Excel file or a new Excel file
Step 3: Click the drop-down File menu -> Info -> Manage Versions
Step 4: Here select Recover Unsaved Workbooks
Step 5: In the pop up window, there will be a list of unsaved files from where you can open the one you were looking for and then save it.
Method 2:
Step 1: Launch the Office 2010 application
Step 2: Click the drop-down File menu -> Recent
Step 3: Now click on Recover Unsaved Workbooks
Step 4: The saved drafts folder get opens up with all the files in a pop-up window. Choose the file and click on Open button and then save the file by using Save as option. 
Warning: Sometimes the manual process of recovering the unsaved or deleted Excel file takes up much time and effort. 
Limitations of Manual ways in restoring MS Excel files:
Usually, the manual ways of recovering the Excel files work only to restore the unsaved or accidentally deleted Excel worksheets. But in cases of major issues like fragmented partition structure, round tripping, virus attacks, intrusion of bad sectors in the storage media, damaged file headers, etc. the manual ways might not help. In such a situation, the need of a commercial excel file recovery software might crop up. 

Other way round to resolve the Problem:
When the unsaved or deleted excel files are not recovered using the options available within the MS Excel application then Kernel for Windows Data Recovery software comes to your rescue. By using this utility, the users can get access to the file that somehow was left unsaved or was accidentally deleted. It facilitates the users to recover - one by using Quick Scan mode or by recovering files by using File Trace Mode. After recovery, the software displays a preview of the recovered files in a tree-like hierarchical structure. Visit here :

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Microsoft has incorporated a tool named Detect and Repair in MS Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007 using which you can repair the corrupt documents of MS Office. Using this tool, you can repair the .ppt file, .xls file, .doc file, and .mdb file. However, which file the tool will repair depends on the Office application from where you launch the tool. For example, if you want to repair the corrupt MS Access database then you have to launch the tool from within MS Access. 

This article describes the process of accessing and using the Detect and Repair tool to repair Access database file. The Detect and Repair tool diagnoses the Access database files available for finding and rectifying the possible corruptions in the files. The tool automatically scans and repairs all database files available. 

How to launch the Detect and Repair Tool

The Microsoft provided Detect and Repair tool can be accessed from different locations in MS Access XP, MS Access 2003, and MS Access 2007. In MS Access XP and MS Access 2003 the tool can be accessed by selecting Help > Detect and Repair option. While in MS Office 2007, you need to execute the following steps to access and use the tool:
  1. Start MS Access 2007.
  2. Click the MS Access button and click the PowerPoint options button.
  3. Select the Resource Tab.
  4. Click the Diagnose button.
After you have launched the tool using the MS Access application follow the onscreen instructions to use the tool.

What to do if Detect and Repair tool does not repair the corrupt Access Database file

While using the Detect and Repair tool to diagnose the Access database file, you cannot assure that the tool performs a successful Access Database repair. In case, you find it difficult to work with an existing Access database file after running the Detect and Repair tool then you are suggested to use the third party Access Database repair tool.

With the help of a third party Access database repair tool, you can successfully repair the severely damaged files within few minutes. The third party Access database repair tool supports almost all versions of MS Access, such as MS Access 95, MS Access 97, MS Access 2000, and MS Access 2003. In addition, the software can be installed on any version of Windows operating system. Read more
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Let’s consider a real life scenario wherein while working on PowerPoint files, you come across the following symptoms:

Either the embedded pictures appear incorrectly, or the PowerPoint stops responding or it hangs, or the text cannot be pasted. Due to all these reasons, the below mentioned error message appears:
"PowerPoint has encountered a problem and needs to close"
Once the above mentioned error message appears, the entire data becomes inaccessible.

Now that we have come to know the error message, let’s figure out the actual or the root cause behind the occurrence of the above mentioned error message.

The primary cause behind the occurrence of the above mentioned error message is a damaged and corrupt PowerPoint registry subkey.

Yet another reason behind the occurrence of the above mentioned error message is corruption in the PowerPoint files.

Now that we have come to know the error message and the possible cause behind the occurrence of the above mentioned error message, let’s quickly come to the resolution part.

Just in case the error has occurred due to damaged and corrupt PowerPoint registry subkey, you need to delete the PowerPoint registry subkey.

To remove or delete the damaged and corrupt PowerPoint registry subkey, you need to perform the below mentioned steps:
  1. From the Start menu, click Run.
  2. In the Open box, enter Regedit and then click the Ok button.
  3. In the registry editor, click the
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\10.0\PowerPoint subkey
    on the File menu, click Export.
  4. Delete the subkey.
  5. Quit the Registry Editor.
  6. Restart the PowerPoint application.
However, in case the error has occurred due to PowerPoint corruption or you are unable to resolve the error using the aforementioned steps, you need to perform PowerPoint repair using a professional and proficient PowerPoint recovery tool.

A number of PowerPoint recovery tools are available in the market. Carefully choose the one that is as per your requirements.

Kernel for PowerPoint is a professional and efficient PowerPoint recovery tool that is specifically devised to repair the damaged and corrupt PowerPoint files and that too in an easy and efficient manner. Download trail version :